Welcome to the Grandparent Naming Survey

Hello, and thanks for your interest in this survey. 

We are anthropologists at the University of Bristol, working on a project called, Varikin: Variation in Language, Cognition and Social Norms Regarding Family. The lead researcher on this study is Jo Hickey-Hall jo.hickey-hall@bristol.ac.uk and the overall project leader is Fiona Jordan fiona.jordan@bristol.ac.uk

We're running this study to look at the different names used for grandparents (eg. Nan, Grandpa) in English-speaking families in the UK. We're interested to know whether styles of grandparenting and kinship relations are reflected in which names people use.  We're also interested in whether line of descent (your mum's mum or your dad's dad) affects the way we relate to one another.

There aren’t many previous studies specifically in the area of naming and grandparental kinship, so this research will greatly advance our knowledge. 

You may respond to the survey in different ways: as a grandparent, a grandchild or as a parent of a grandchild.  You may fall into more than one of these categories and if so, you are welcome to optionally complete the survey for each relevant section. For instance, you may be a grandparent and also want to tell us what you called your own grandparents, as a grandchild. In that case, you can complete both sections. 

Before you begin the survey, the next section will tell you a little more about the study and what we'll do with the data.  It will ask for your consent to take part.

Please note that for ethical reasons, this study is only open to people aged eighteen and over.


Consent Information

Do I have to take part? - No, participation is voluntary.

Can I withdraw at any time? - You can withdraw before 1st July 2020 without giving a reason. My contact email is jo.hickey-hall@bristol.ac.uk if you'd like to get in touch. 

How do I withdraw? At the end of the survey, a completion receipt will provide you with a unique ID number. Please make a note of this number in case you wish to remove your data from the survey. The deadline for withdrawal of data is 1st July 2020.

What do I have to do? - During our online survey, you will be asked some questions about grandparental names and how they were chosen. The survey questions will also include some personal questions such as age bracket, social class, your geographical location and perceived ideas about grandparents' roles.

How will the findings be used? - The collected data will be analysed to see if it can tell us anything about how and why people choose certain grandparent names and whether these reflect descent and/or emotional closeness.

Will my taking part in the study be kept confidential? - Yes, your identity will be kept confidential. Each respondent has a unique ID number and any email contacts you choose to provide will be kept separate from ID numbers to ensure anonymity.

What are the possible disadvantages of taking part? - There is no risk to you in taking part in this project. It is possible that discussions regarding family members may raise some emotional response from you, but these are expected to be minimal and no different to being triggered by the observation of familial situations in everyday lives or via media, television etc. You will be shown a debriefing info sheet at the end of the survey. 

What will happen to the data collected? - The data from interviews and surveys will be kept securely on encrypted password protected hard drives.  The findings will eventually be made available on the VariKin Project webpage: https://excd.org/


Consent Statement

Please read the following statements, then indicate your understanding and agreement by answering the question at the end.

  • I am eighteen years old or over.
  • I have received enough information about the study to make a decision about my participation.
  • I understand that I am free to withdraw from the study and free to withdraw my data, without having to give a reason, any time before 1st July 2020.
  • I hereby fully and freely consent to my participation in this study.
I have read the above statements and agree with each one. I hereby fully and freely consent to my participation in this study.

If you submit your answers you will not be able to return to this page.